ChathamHealthLink (HIE)
Southeast Georgia - Savannah


ChathamHealthLink Health Information Exchange gathers healthcare and patient information from participating healthcare provider organizations in a safe and secure manner. The electronic health records of the participants automatically send patient records and their associated healthcare events to a central database managed by the ChathamHealthLink.

Any data sent to the central database travels through secure private channels. As Chatham HealthLink receives the data, the patient is identified through our Enterprise Master Patient Index. All data becomes a part of the consolidated medical summary for the patient. The consolidated record and is only available to authorized users and the patient.

ChathamHealthLink is governed by provider partners serving on the Information Technology Steering Committee which meets monthly to improve the entire range of healthcare for the uninsured and underinsured through technology. Information technology will add value to the mission of healthcare access for the uninsured and under-insured. Health Information Exchange will lead to a better system of prevention, health education, care and treatment. To ChathamHealthLink, working together means communicating and sharing ideas to find better ways to provide healthcare to more people in a cost effective manner.


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