These frequently asked questions (FAQs) provide an overview of the new technology platform, the implementation process and the expected benefits. Have a question you don’t see here? Email it to and we’ll provide an answer and add it to this list.

Technology Platform

Why is GaHIN changing its technology platform?

The new robust technology platform will enhance Georgia ConnectedCare and other value-added services as well as provide the technical foundation to launch new and more advanced service offerings to our members. The new platform will support new opportunities and services long into the future. While the existing technology platform has served GaHIN well, it would not allow GaHIN to deliver more advanced and robust services.

Which GaHIN services are affected?

  • Georgia ConnectedCare (GaHIN’s query-based platform)
  • ADT Alerts
  • Clinical Viewer (the clinical viewer is accessed by GAMMIS users)

Who is Velatura?

GaHIN chose to work with Velatura Public Benefit Corporation (Velatura) for a number of reasons, including the company’s extensive experience with HIEs, solid technology platform, and commitment to serving as an ongoing partner.

What technology does Velatura use?

Velatura has developed proprietary cloud-based technology that will be customized to meet GaHIN members’ specific needs. This technology will use the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Healthcare cloud platform. Click here to learn more about the AWS Healthcare and Life Sciences platform.

Is there someone I can reach out to with questions?

Shirelle King, who joined GaHIN in 2018, has been named Member Relations and Onboarding Manager. She is serving as the main point of contact for members during this project and in the future. You can reach Shirelle at


Implementation Process

What will be the impact on members during the implementation?

GaHIN and Velatura understand the number of challenges facing members, especially during this pandemic. We are committed to minimizing the impact on members’ workload and data access as much as possible.

What is the first step to the changeover?

The first step was conducting a Discovery with IBM Watson (GaHIN’s former technology provider) to examine every aspect of the technology. Those meetings are being followed by meetings with each member to discuss their specific technological needs and use cases. The Discovery phase is expected to be completed by the end of April.

What are the project phases?

The implementation process has been divided into four cycles:

  • Cycle I - Project Initiation, Discovery and Planning
  • Cycle II - Initial Implementation Activities
  • Cycle III - Data Migration and Conversion
  • Cycle IV - Member Cut Over

GaHIN is expected to be in full production by the end of the summer.

When will the changeover take place?

Once all member connections are complete and have been thoroughly tested, the cutover will take place. This is currently scheduled for Summer 2021.



What is the benefit to health systems?

Health systems are seeking to leverage their data to address initiatives such as value-based payments and care quality. We expect that new capabilities of the technology platform will support data analysis and population health.

What is the benefit to clinicians?

GaHIN is committed to making comprehensive patient data readily available to clinicians at the point of care, and the new technology will continue to make that possible. Additionally, there may be opportunities to streamline workflows and support increased productivity. This robust technology offers a number of possibilities that will be explored with members based upon their needs.

What is the benefit to patients?

Patients benefit when their care providers have comprehensive information at the point of care. While patients won’t be directly accessing the information, their providers will have that access, enabling them to increase care quality while potentially reducing care costs.

What kind of services will GaHIN offer in the future?

We are excited about exploring the possibilities with our new vendor, but our current focus is on replacement of existing GaHIN services with the new vendor platform. This new robust technology will allow GaHIN to enhance existing services such as our ADTs and positions GaHIN to explore and implement new services in the future for the membership.