May Issue

  • GaHIN’s New Technology Platform Delivers New Opportunities for GaHIN Members
  • Q&A with GaHIN’s Program Manager of Social Care Integration
  • GaHIN Featured @ National Conferences in June

April Issue

  • Showcasing GaHIN's Pioneering Spirit
  • GaHIN On the Go

March Issue

  • GaHIN Expands Access to Thousands of Organizations Through New Carequality Connection
  • GaHIN Draws a Big Crowd at HIMSS'24

February Issue

  • Progress Continues with GeorgiaUnify, GaHIN's Social Care Integration Platform
  • GaHIN Experts Selected to Speak at HIMSS24

January Issue

  • GaHIN Facilitates the Retrieval of 18.8 Million Patient Documents in 2023
  • GeorgiaDirect Transactions Top 1.2 Million


December Issue

  • TEFCA Goes Live, Marking a Significant Advance Towards Network Interoperability

November Issue

  • Introducing GeorgiaUnify - GaHIN's Social Care Integration Platform

October Issue

  • GaHIN Expanding Capabilities with New Technology Platform to Better Serve Members

September Issue

  • Connections to Georgia Department of Public Health Support Access, Registry Submissions
  • Somatus Becomes Member of GaHIN

August Issue

  • GaHIN Receives Aetna® Grant for SDOH Referral Pilot Project

July Issue

  • How TEFCA Will Improve Interoperability And What it Means to Georgia Providers

June Issue

  • $1M USDA Grant Will Enable GaHIN to Upgrade Technology in Partnership with Ready Computing

May Issue

  • GeorgiaDirect Enables Information Sharing for Providers, Organizations Without EHRs
  • GeorgiaDirect Users Have Access to eCR

April Issue

  • GaHIN Gathering SDOH Data for New Initiatives
  • Kaiser Permanente Joins GaHIN

March Issue

  • ADT Alerts Deliver Value Across Care Continuum
  • GaHIN Enables Electronic Reporting of Birth Defects

February Issue

  • From COVID to Cancer - How GaHIN Facilitates Public Health Reporting
  • Dr. Denise Hines Speaks at Health Equity Conference

January Issue

  • The Role of HIEs - Today and in the Future
  • Dr. Denise Hines to Join HIMSS/TAG Health Panel